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Anarchy In The New Earth

from Envisaged by Kekal



let us manifest the change right here right now - our spiritual revolution
to tip over the scale when the energetic critical mass is reached
chaos may appear on the surface, charging like a tsunami before the calm
but we shall then witness the disintegration of the ruling cabal
no more corrupt systems of the-top-exploiting-the-bottom shall remain
the pyramid of hierarchical privilege will be flattened and made obsolete
no more attempts to suffer the children as sacrifices to the evil one
the tide has turned when the deceivers are exposed against the light
anarchy in the new earth
anarchy for you and me
this world will never be the same
when the collective finalizes its shift
at the eleventh hour, we are seeing their last desperate attempts
to hold on to the same old power that is no longer sustainable
the matrix is crumbling down, when deceits run in overdrive
the powers that be will soon become the powers that used-to-be
no more mainstream media broadcasting fear and hate to the unsuspecting public
no more world authorities coercing to get us stabbed with nanoparticles
no more global conspiracies with agenda in suppressing our great awakening
these dark controllers shall fall, when the light of christ penetrates the aether
"the principle of domination, conquest, control and exploitation is no longer acceptable
when humanity awakens to the new reality that aligns itself to the principle of freedom and mutual respect
today is time to make the change, starting from within the heart space and extending outward
together, we hold each other's hands in the sacred communion of unconditional love"
anarchy in the new earth
anarchy for you and me
this world will never be the same
when the collective realizes its strength


from Envisaged, released July 15, 2022
Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Jeff Arwadi




Kekal Jakarta, Indonesia

Avant-garde and alternative approach to various expressions of rock, metal and electronic music.

For more info about Kekal, please visit Kekal official website, link below.

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