Quantum Resolution

by Kekal



[the album will have 10 tracks total]

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"Quantum Resolution" will be Kekal's 12th full-length album, and is planned to be released sometime in second half of 2020 (between June and August 2020).

Album information and updates can be accessed from www.kekal.org/quantumresolution

"All nature, all formations, all creatures exist in and with one another, and they will be resolved again into their own roots. For the nature of matter is resolved into the roots of its own nature alone."

"Quantum Resolution" is by-far the most important Kekal album from the lyrical perspective. It can be considered as a "concept album" (the second of such from Kekal, after 2007 album "The Habit of Fire"), with all the songs relate themselves to the main/central theme, one way or another.

Thematically, the album possesses a very spiritual nature and the lyrics were written by musician/producer Jeff from what have been revealed continuously during his personal spiritual journey of awakening, or so-called Gnosis. It tells about knowing who we really are (as a species and as Humanity) and where we are going. The lyrics dig with our dark history from a distant past, and also dig into our present time and future as well: what is our role here on Earth, and how do we deal with all the deceptions that are so rampant and very structural encompassing every aspect of life, as we are closing the chapter of our present age.

The music follows every song's temperament and general mood led by the lyrics. Stylistically, the album follows Kekal's faithful tradition by utilizing avant-garde and alternative approach to various expressions of rock, metal and electronic music.


releases August 15, 2020

Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Jeff Arwadi at Ideation Station
Partial photography by Levi Sianturi & Jeff Arwadi
Front cover concept and digital artwork by Jeff Arwadi
Front cover photography by SCA

As in 2019, Kekal has no official band members




Kekal Jakarta, Indonesia

Kekal utilizes avant-garde and alternative approach to various expressions of rock, metal and electronic music.

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Track Name: Quiet Eye
"behold, i am with you always, until the end of the age"

observe the signs of times with quiet eye
and contemplate these events in silence
as we are approaching quantum resolution
when earth is to be made new in cosmic reclamation
the day of tribulation is the day of purification
with love, we shall cross beyond the boundaries of spacetime
open the portals into new dimensions of eternity
where souls to be released from spiraling bondage
as it was prophesied so will it become
redemption has been done, captives are now free
unclouded is the destination of oneness eternal
with christ in me, we make complete reattachment
vibrations increasing as consciousness shifting
feel this truth as the flow of divine energy
connecting us to the source once again
and we will no longer fall back to sleep
embrace mystical transformation
enter the course of knowing god
our guiding spirit is the light that shines
through this process of becoming
Track Name: Spiritual Anarchism
we are children of the incorruptible source
the living father, pure beginningless light
but our world is ruled by evil archontic forces
who establish the role of divine dominion
resist the governance of these dark spiritual energies
that manifest within the powers of the ruling elite
controlling us with their global mass deceptions
enslave us within the construct of perceptual distortions
look what they have done to employ the system
of economy, politics, religion, media, education
feed us with constant fear, hate and ignorance
try to keep us away from love, peace and wakefulness
no gods, no masters, we are not their slaves
no rulers and authorities shall we bow
knowing the fact that archons are never above us in spirit
they have never been since the dawn of humanity
now is perfect time to reclaim souls from these lesser gods
seize this end-time momentum, join the blessed movement
it is our turn to wake up and resist the new world order
their diabolic agenda of total domination of mankind
together we fight the good fight, activate the inner anarchist
the truth has set us free, let us rise against subterfuge
Track Name: Inward Journey
it is a lonely but beautiful journey
walking down the narrowest path
treading on the unfathomable
through the dark night of the soul
past convictions are falling apart
escaping the web of illusory matrix
perforate its sheath layer by layer
as self-structures slowly dissolve
in this present moment of being
surrender to the presence of love
make peace with self and the spirit
letting go all remnants of karmic past
declare soundly that i am here
the kingdom of god that dwells within
taking us to the journey of discovery
and co-create the future of humanity
Track Name: The Sleep System
in this shadow world lies an ever elusive system
integrated soul-assaulting matrix of deep sleep
which evilly runs cyclically over the passing ages
manifesting in chronic mass historical amnesia
confusing acts of violence and war with acts of courage
been exposed to this propaganda as minds deceived
the way we see things has been restricted to blind sights
the way we perceive truth has been distorted by trickery
financial bondage of debts deter us from contentment
offering passion of material wealth placed in perpetual loop
where self is anchored deep in perishable belongings
never finding the end on when this cycle would cease
dogma detracts spiritual yearns to ones of fear and lust
limiting the scope of grace within the confines of corporeality
slave to plain achievements, goals set towards the superficial
obsession with visible holiness, yet fail to identify real enemy
the realm of matter is nothing but a perceptual illusion
we have means to break free from its universal deception
renounce dogma and propaganda, recognize what is in sight
truth shall appear to expose lies and banish ignorance
Track Name: Testimony
my author is the father, the beginningless source
made known through christ who has opened the portal to
the shadowless dimensions, where chaos does not exist
and my soul shall be granted a repose in pure light
my author is not the jealous and envious one
not the wrathful demiurge, nor his adversaries
who “fashioned the adam” through genetic hybridization
made him as lulu amelu: slave species from the earth
i swallowed the red pill and things began to reveal
for far too long we have been fooled and bound
by the principalities who control this whole world
into believing all their lies and deceptions
to keep us enslaved within the matrix of perceptions
by the father's amazing grace i rose from slumber
none shall take away my path to ultimate ascension
by the spirit who guides me every step of the way
as gnosis received, the suppressed truth is steadily uncovered
Track Name: Driven
clueless citizens of this broken macrocosm
need something to curb the misery of present reality
by adopting various methods of substitution
without knowing evil lurks from its rotten cavities
obsessed with perceived worthiness of the perishables
in what can be measured as the backers of prestige
way to self-disempowerment through material slavery
the dizziness of illusion: endless choices of insignificance
when the truth is concealed, ignorance emerges
unaware, how so many of us fall into deceits
driven into the bondage loop of soul recycling
chained to the karmic wheel as slave captives
systematic deception is their only weapon
to keep us trapped inside this quantum simulation
harvesting our suffering as their source of sustenance
so long as we never wake up to our true existence
humanity is not a hollow and empty vessel
but we chose to become a vehicle of madness and abuse
unless we find the way to break out of this cycle
which is necessary for our souls to rest in silence

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