Deeper Underground

by Kekal



The album will have between 8 to 10 tracks total.

Deeper Underground, Kekal's upcoming 11th full-length album, follows pretty much the same release process as with the latest album "Multilateral" (2015), with majority of tracks to be released individually as they are ready, before the album release date.

Three tracks (see progress track listing) are now available for digital download, fully-produced and mastered. You can purchase and download them individually (click each track to buy), and then other tracks will follow, one at a time, over the course of 1+ year until the album release date in 2018.

This option (individual track download) is ideal if you are planning to download all the next tracks in high-bitrate mp3 or lossless quality audio. In the future, after you purchase the first 5 tracks of Deeper Underground (as they become available), you will be given the code to download the entire album at no additional cost, once the album is released sometime in 2018.

Other details to be announced. Email for questions, etc.


releases May 15, 2018

Kekal is looking for record labels to release this album in physical format(s) as well as producing the merchandise related to the album. Email for licensing details.




Kekal Jakarta, Indonesia

For more info about Kekal, please visit Kekal official website.

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Track Name: Root of All Evil
the economies of greed
strengthened by the politics of fear
and the division among the masses
used as a tool for domination
while the one-percenters get wealthier
millions don’t get enough food for the day
state policies are rigged to the benefits
of those who own most of world’s money
when eight richest ones possess the same wealth
as the bottom 3.6 billion people*
this is no longer just a matter of inequality
we know the system allows this to happen
who are they to ever claim of possessing every right
to exploit the beauty that has been given to us?
all they do is to venture into the heights of corruption
taking all the resources so future generations will be left to die
worshiping mammon along with its demons
to strengthen deeds revolving around greed
money and power, forming evil coalition
where cruelties start, and decency ends
time of destruction has begun
watch the downfall of the empire
Track Name: Sanity Away from Sanity
the planet's tipping point has been passed
this generation shall experience catastrophe
as an outcome of irresponsible abuse of earth
so bleak we no longer foresee a livable habitat
for so long, those in power reign with deceptions
concealing truth for maximum exploitation
profiting from death and human suffering
while the most vulnerable witness their lands destroyed
speaks like the dragon, acts like god
denying climate science to justify greed
a normalized sanity is formed, away from sanity
woe to you, woe to me, we doom ourselves to death
global warming accelerates in turbocharged torque
polar ice shelves are melting fast and furious
sea level rising with pace we've never seen before
many species face extinction and homo sapiens is next
into large-scale destruction, we brace ourselves
for calamitous aftertaste of hyperconsumption
superstorms, drought, wildfires, arctic methane release
before our eyes, our world has come to an end
Track Name: Speed of God
i don’t want my dreams to remain just dreams
somehow, they need to manifest
i don’t want my visions becoming delusions
by rejecting a spiritual call for resistance
i don’t want my soul be darkened by fury
crippled by anger towards this injustice
i don’t want my pain to merge with my being
and let my senses become numb and dead
as years go by, my impatience grows
moving faster than the speed of god
when virtues have been twisted to utter madness
to be whole is an effort of balancing on a ledge
here’s myself breaking apart as i hit the wall
the unprivileged wishing to make progress
when evil seems far too big to confront
i form my resistance divulged through anarchy
help me fight the good fight
help me finish the race
help me hold and keep the faith
never allow my hope to fade
Track Name: Rotten in the House
religious jaw preying upon hungry souls
emitting false hope through inverted doctrines
disempowerment of human conscience and moral
leading into collective spiritual suicide
dogmatic chaos - opiate of the masses
sacralization of violence - totalitarian dominance
feed the mind with self-righteous pathology
rotten in the house of god
witness christendom transforms into racists
done away with historical dark-skinned jesus
in exchange with their tall blue-eyed white version
based on lies, to stereotype an image of 'a good man'
witness christendom shapeshifts into fascists
throwing the vile of bigotry towards the outsiders
their version of grace is the destruction of others
their version of truth is ultimate deception
time to wake up from this inglorious stance
for godly love is stronger than religious sociopathy
question everything, resist indoctrination
challenge authority, hold them accountable