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by Kekal

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Poesy Rider
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Poesy Rider On ne présente plus Kekal depuis longtemps... Alors si comme moi, vous avez écouté toute la discographie, j'imagine que ce Envisaged va rentrer facilement dans votre top 3. Un grand album de Kekal, un grand album de metal inventif ! Favorite track: The Ascending Collective.
flightoficarus (Metal Trenches)
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flightoficarus (Metal Trenches) If you want more of the same, this is NOT the album for you. But if you want Devin Townsend meets Igorrr meets Ihsahn on PCP, you're in the right place. The definition of variety.
- MetalTrenches.com
www.youtube.com/watch?v=zbvRbSfsRqE Favorite track: Born Anew.
TheEliteExtremophile thumbnail
TheEliteExtremophile This Indonesian act’s 13th LP consists of solid, enjoyable, and often askew proggy black metal mixed in with ample flourishes of electronics. It doesn’t quite reach the heights of Deeper Underground or 1000 Thoughts of Violence, and I do miss their occasional pop experiments. However, if you’re looking for something dark with an adventurous spirit, this is definitely worth your time!

Full review here: theeliteextremophile.com/2022/08/01/odds-ends-august-1-2022/
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see ourselves with the eyes of knowledge how things unfolding, enhancing, transmuting the yet unknown is always meant to be known when the moment arrives and all the veils be removed human species looking for its essence reaching inwardly to the inner place of knowing who am i and what will i become anthropos rising! as above so below, as within so without i am an extension of the source energy the spark of light that keeps expanding anthropos rising! disclosures begin from the heart space of humankind seeds of gnosis planted by the divine i am presence the way we harvest is by accessing this very space revelations shall manifest through synchronicities stepping into the timelines of the highest good the pathways of our future are built simultaneously where choices merge and align with the greater purpose of ascending collective, within the quantum field anthropos rising!
Born Anew 05:37
my higher self is waiting patiently for the sacred union of soul's expansion surpassing the domains of illusion as i make the shift to the higher vibrational frequencies becoming aware of my multidimensional nature dormant dna being activated, codes being updated upgrading my avatar carrying the same image and likeness double-helix will multiply when the process concludes a renewal of the entire character, introducing human 2.0 crystalline composition of the body holographic i am transforming into the whole new self embracing the space of eternal presence feel the bliss as we rise together with mother gaia into the 5th dimension, we are ascending beyond reach of the nefarious beings who dominate our old matrix: those who operate in the shadows, thrived by deceptions as their entire system collapses, so does this web of bondage the light has won, i am born anew freedom manifests from the inside out it is my destiny to complete the ascension
can you feel that time runs faster and faster these days? the quickening: where tribulation period is being shortened space-time is compressing upon increasing of universal frequency pulling away from old programs as the final split has begun activate the earth's blessed golden energy grid to form the higher octave of vibratory state - the upper room this shift is magical beyond calculations of any analytical mind what we are called for is to choose love over duality plants and animals, most are ascending with our mother those outside the karmic shackles are the first to attune and they are waiting for us human collective to join as the meek and humble ones claim their inheritance unified timeline will soon emerge for the collective from the convergence of choices made by individuals quantum resolution is formed through disengagement from the parasitic leeches that tap the flows of life-force not every human is currently bound for this great shift divisions are established according to core frequencies upgraded experience is set only for those who are ready on the day of harvest, separation shall be complete
i met you as a form in this place of illusion spending time together as dreamers of our dreams but deep inside i know that we are eternally present companion in light while we finish our mission together all the journey we embark, being the passersby on the wings of faith, we always land following the leap away from the known, moving towards the unknown in itself, this wanderer's adventure gives wealth to our souls countless times, external signposts seem to be vague as we dive into the rabbit hole surrounded by madness though we see ourselves as dim, like dark clouds in the sky but from the depths, the inner light shines brighter than sun holding the fire within us as we finalize the process of our detachment from this dense physical illusion what seems to be ahead is a destiny recalibration i am you and you are me - we are one infinite energy
let us manifest the change right here right now - our spiritual revolution to tip over the scale when the energetic critical mass is reached chaos may appear on the surface, charging like a tsunami before the calm but we shall then witness the disintegration of the ruling cabal no more corrupt systems of the-top-exploiting-the-bottom shall remain the pyramid of hierarchical privilege will be flattened and made obsolete no more attempts to suffer the children as sacrifices to the evil one the tide has turned when the deceivers are exposed against the light anarchy in the new earth anarchy for you and me this world will never be the same when the collective finalizes its shift at the eleventh hour, we are seeing their last desperate attempts to hold on to the same old power that is no longer sustainable the matrix is crumbling down, when deceits run in overdrive the powers that be will soon become the powers that used-to-be no more mainstream media broadcasting fear and hate to the unsuspecting public no more world authorities coercing to get us stabbed with nanoparticles no more global conspiracies with agenda in suppressing our great awakening these dark controllers shall fall, when the light of christ penetrates the aether "the principle of domination, conquest, control and exploitation is no longer acceptable when humanity awakens to the new reality that aligns itself to the principle of freedom and mutual respect today is time to make the change, starting from within the heart space and extending outward together, we hold each other's hands in the sacred communion of unconditional love" anarchy in the new earth anarchy for you and me this world will never be the same when the collective realizes its strength
i see in spirit that all are hung i know in spirit that all are borne flesh hanging from soul soul clinging to air air hanging from upper atmosphere crops rushing forth from the deep a babe rushing forth from the womb
Zero Point 06:44
in this current system of our third dimensionality where some may flourish while others may perish it is not a kind of reality we are looking for nor the reality in which we aspire to experience the light has come to purge and cleanse the entirety attaining the balanced point above this illusion of duality irrevocable decision is made during energetic convergence a moment of truth at the junction of the two worlds gateway to enter the realm of the unknown is now open beyond the probabilities of agreeable potentials realize we are the one we have been waiting for collective accord to accept the new dream-state reality as we rise from the ashes of forgetfulness to become whole in our unity consciousness the energy which activates forms shall overcome its constraints upon the transmutation of the dark side as light shines upon it
understanding this form is not all that we are the essence of self that has always been one and the same we are travellers, wanderers of light particles manifesting as forms within the construct of time and space for once we were captured within this quantum simulation as the holographic image became too real and deceptive forgetting who we are and the main reason we were born adhered to the programming codes that re-wrote our dna at some point in our journey, then came the sobering up recognizing the illusory aspects of the duality within the matrix how it has been corrupted and brought into deviation as prodigal sons, the beauty comes upon decision to return the journey back to source has become pivotal what matters most is never about speed nor distance but the destination point that determines where we are heading let us enjoy the moments as we experience this adventure every step of the way, guidance abides as we go within throughout the process of restoration into perfect unity what is happening inside us always projects outwardly ready to be sensed and decoded back into perceptual reality


13th full-length album from Kekal. For more information about the album, visit www.kekal.org/envisaged

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The album's physical formats (Digipak CD and Cassette Tape) are both released by Indonesian multi-genre record label Elevation Records which has been known in releasing various music from diverse range of artists either on Vinyl, Cassette Tape, and CD formats since 2012. If you are into physical releases, you can purchase the album by emailing them at info@elevationgroup.co with your mailing address (incl. country) for CD or Cassette price + shipping cost estimates. They accept PayPal.

“Envisaged” is an album that was specifically created to celebrate The Great Awakening of humanity and Earth's Ascension to the higher octave of vibrational frequency. All the songs were written during the recording process, to capture the spontaneous moments of insights within each and every passage of creation. The music and lyrics represent a creative spiritual journey following continuous revelations regarding the current events on Earth that have been unfolding especially in the past few years. If observed and put together in a continuum, they signify the process of global collective awakening and purification towards humanity's grand destiny: to transcend the matrix and rise beyond the construct of duality.

Stylistically, this album follows Kekal's faithful tradition by utilizing avant-garde and alternative approach to various expressions of rock, metal and electronic music.

—Kekal, 2022

Excerpts of album reviews:

"Kekal's fearlessness enables them to assimilate anything and everything into their deeply peculiar, avowedly avant-garde sound... A fabulous entry point into a strange musical world like no other."
—Prog Magazine (issue 132)

"Envisaged is a breath of fresh air within the stuffy confines of what the avant-garde should be and sound like, continuing to reward the listener the more time they spend with it."
—Nine Circles

"As usual with Kekal, there is a lot to discover here. On Envisaged , a wide variety of styles and ideas are thrown into one pot and cooked into an extremely tasty and substantial stew."
—Soundmagnet (in German, translated to English) 8.5/10

"...their fearless desire to bring in new sounds and concepts can’t help but make this jaded old fucker writing these words jerk to surprised attention and salivate worse than Pavlov’s pooch."
—Ever Metal 9/10

"Theirs is a unique sound, the fusion of a million influences, with an energy and determination to push boundaries. This album isn’t an easy listen. It demands attention... Extraordinary!"
—195 Metal CDs 85%

"Envisaged offers so many strengths and entertaining tracks that it doesn't get lost even in the urban chaos... but rather sticks like a stud in your ear and gives gray clouds and street dirt an almost romantic touch."
—Stormbringer (in German, translated to English) 4/5

"...there’s a general sense of rebellious irreverence combined with a comparably grounded approach to avant-garde esoterica noticeable in all but the sum of Envisaged’s individual parts."
—Metal Storm 7/10

"While Kekal‘s Envisaged is still far from radio-friendly, the act injects a dose of accessibility in their strange soundscapes."
—Metal Has No Borders

"This is not the sort of album you will want to listen to while you are washing up or emulsioning a ceiling, but it is one that you need to spend time with to appreciate."
—The Spirit Of Progressive Rock

"Kekal is one of those bands that sounds different, and who dares to explore, who dares to be original, and dares to leave the paths that are so threaded and hardened by now that no one really cares much for whoever walks there again."
—Hallowed (Sweden) 5/7

"Kekal are clearly masters of their very specific craft but your mileage will likely vary depending on whether you can stomach their heady brew of genre experimentation, as well as the album’s rather arcane philosophy."
—The Progressive Subway 7/10

"Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not a big fan of metal, no matter how many adjectives you pile up in front of it, but one can easily recognize the excellence of what is here, even if metal is not your thing."

"KEKAL is like walking on the path of the Sufis, on a quiet road, on the edge of a lonely path, amidst the hustle and bustle of today's era."
—Tempo (in Indonesian, translated to English)

"It's clearly not a type of band that the masses like, but if you're looking to hear something different than the usual, here's something interesting to check out."
—The Dark Melody (in Spanish, translated to English)

"If you want more of the same, this is NOT the album for you. But if you want Devin Townsend meets Igorrr meets Ihsahn on PCP, you're in the right place. The definition of variety."
—Metal Trenches

"(Envisaged) consists of solid, enjoyable, and often askew proggy black metal mixed in with ample flourishes of electronics...if you’re looking for something dark with an adventurous spirit, this is definitely worth your time!"
—The Elite Extremophile 78/100

"Envisaged is a beautiful culmination of all of these ideas... It’s an unnatural soundscape filled with moments of brilliance and strange ideas."
—Metal Utopia


released July 15, 2022

Produced by Jeff Arwadi for Kekal
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jeff Arwadi at Ideation Station
Cover artwork by Soundmind Graphics
Photography by Jeff Arwadi and SCA

The music on this album was written and performed anonymously
Kekal is an entity with no official members.




Kekal Jakarta, Indonesia

Avant-garde and alternative approach to various expressions of rock, metal and electronic music.

For more info about Kekal, please visit Kekal official website, link below.

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