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by Kekal

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Set to believe in a peculiar way Under a hyperlogical mental occurence A truth beyond standardization Beyond structural represtentation As we can see As we can hear As we can feel in many ways Images from distinct classifications Elements of thoughts minus speculations Bizarre primary definitions Demand no equivalence Equipped by senses and imaginations Systematic cycles of consistency Individuality within a solid uniformal characteristics Now we can see Now we can hear Now we can feel We are not the same Blessed with different gifts
It came along in one concrete form A knowledge that turned me upside down Let us put it this way: a new experience Of living a life without me as I Accept the nature and origin Of our human condition Believe that something defective Flows down inside the blood of mine Not a best thing to do, from the world's mindframe To see all my pride diminishing Given away this kind of strength once I had To be replaced by a thing called faith Accept the nature and origin Of our undisputable weakness Believe in something invincible To take control of my whole Accept the nature and origin Of our undisputable weakness Believe in something invincible To take over my self
I believe it is a politically generated act When hundreds of civilians entering the scene to execute punishment Taking a somewhat fascistic solution within a socialist environment An ambivalence of goals; to make a better world or just spreading a fear? Creating an instability within a supposedly peaceful neighborhood Claiming to be the keepers of the "law", they search for victims No tolerance for all the outsiders who live outside the "rule" The use of violence occurs, and ironically it is permittable There is no such difference between ignorance and hypocrisy Living in a system where togetherness supremely reigns To act the same, behave the same Letting the neighbors become the watcher Problems of mine are problems of theirs The biggest concerns: moral issues Who are they to be the judge for someone who lives next door? The privacy severedly invaded Don't they know, have they ever realized? They are as guilty as the ones they judged Time to reap from worthless seeds
Feel our time is descending A metamorphic significance In a dream for a moment It comes near as strange as we are Communicate omni-verbally Centers hope and facility Let the spirit prays what we long To redesign our future needs Portal of our wishes Entrance to a stage of balance A spiritual archetype To survive the miserable world Communicate omni-verbally Gathers hope and facility Let the spirit prays what we long To redesign our destiny Beyond our frail elements of conscious There is a multi-dimensional capacity Creating strong synergy of wish and reality A drive to idealize values and quality
Broken 04:44
These feelings I can't explain Months and even years of yearning For the beauty that never come Each day I find only dying souls I know we have to enjoy the life Yet I'm still complaining everything Ever seems like never... No more Colours translated as black in sight Overshadowed by uncertainty When will it become calm again? Storms of disillusion wrecked my mind Pull me to the state of total chaos I know we have to enjoy the life Yet I'm still complaining everything Where is my faith as I had in the past? I need to get it back right now!
Let's talk about something we know well, and its name is envy Certainly not a similar kind with jealousy And it is not about relationship, nor politics, nor a system But instead, it is something do do with an individual drive I see a path which is leading towards a life of depravity It is clear, the ignorance acts as a destroyer of limits A conscience set by one's ethical values is now questioned When the initial point for the crime is about to be committed and executed Walk this way Gaining a chronic Cain-complex Fade away And kill the core of contentment Every page of a book has its own substance that linked to the rest The same thing applied exactly to humankind People were born with all different shapes and patterns and uniqueness Imagine what would happen if everyone owns the same everything? Walk this way A lifeline has been made dysfunctional Fade away And kill the core of contentment
Out in a confusion When we no longer know how To decide and to make a choice What is right and what is wrong A second next before deadline Reality testing, an asymmetric completion Is this what we call "life"? Caught in a state of endless stagnation When we are tired to swallow it Digesting our immobility of experience To become a machine of our society Stamped down within these concrete fields Think harder and think again We are what we become Think harder and think again We are not the present "us" Nothing is plain impossible Even for things beyond human capability As long as there is a chance And there is time who provides moments
Picture of reality Carved by the sequence of history All integrated into one As a traumatic side of this world We are the pilgrims of questions Search for the meaning of life Moments of joys and of sorrows Fused together in our existence He who has why in his life Can bear with almost any how He who has reason to live From all his tragedies come a blessing in disguise Many lives don't know where to go Walk the paths of deception Must I follow them for comfort If I know they are far from the truth He who has...
Empty Space 04:09
Shadows, a presence of a void within Journey towards the edge of life Frigid, an iced-filled blood inside Keep me from the state of being alive Numbness, deleting passion in one strike Running, wandering through these empty roads Darkeded, to paint myself into black Kept me from the state of being alive Pushing these eyes to get the second sight What I feel is no pain What I sense is emptiness You got to fill me now You got to kill my flesh You got to mold my brain Restructuring my thoughts You got to burn my vein And boil my ice cold blood You got to set me free And break my chains away


5th full-length studio album from KEKAL. Originally released in 2005.

Former members of KEKAL also contributed in the recording, making "Acidity" to be the first 'official reunion' album for KEKAL. It was released in 2005 as a 10th anniversary of the band.

"Acidity" is a unique and diverse KEKAL album, with lots of different emotions and thoughts displayed both in the music and lyrics, ranging from fast extreme songs, mid-paced progressive-laden rock/metal, some slower atmospheric symphonic metal, and also some unique experimental pieces. Every individual song cannot represent the whole album, but it stands as a part of the album's general concept.

Album information: kekal.org/album-acidity.php

Release Dates:
February 2005 (THT Productions/T.O.P/Musica Studio's, cassette)
March 2005 (Fear Dark, CD/digital)

June 2014 - Re-mastered Version (Kekal, digital) - discontinued
February 2021 - Re-mastered Version (Kekal, digital) + 2 bonus tracks


released February 1, 2005

Album Line-Up:
- Jeff Arwadi (vocals/guitars/programming)
- Azhar Levi Sianturi (bass/vocals)
- Leo Setiawan (guitars)
- Newin Atmarumeksa (vocals)
- Didi Priyadi (guitars)

With special guests:
- Jason DeRon (guitar)
- L Rion (drums)

Produced, engineered, and mixed by Jeff Arwadi
Recorded at Vision Studio, Jakarta - Indonesia & Studio Vertigo, Melbourne - Australia
Mixed at Vision Studio
Cover artwork & layout by Soundmind Graphics

Re-mastered in February 2021 by Jeff Arwadi at Ideation Station




Kekal Jakarta, Indonesia

Avant-garde and alternative approach to various expressions of rock, metal and electronic music.

For more info about Kekal, please visit Kekal official website, link below.

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