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1000 Thoughts Of Violence

by Kekal

dripping blood as violent rages on, engulfing our soils - death is here, ringing fatality of civilization - massacre, the murders at random, in attempted genocide - thousand years of social paralysis, fathomless irony - humankind in conflicting nature, the beauty and the beast - death to share, bringing fatality to civilization - ideologies and social systems based on human theories - so basicaly we're all into products of our corrupted brains! - deep in the void of our hollow hearts - is there any space left for souls to rest? - deep in the void of our wounded minds - is there any chance left for souls to live? - "no time to clean your bloody hands, the stains are there in your own blood!" - many years we've tried to look ahead and find some solutions - but once again they fail miserably, yet life is still going on - is there any space left for souls to rest?
Vox Diaboli 04:30
within our senseless will, driving motives - no absolution for one's desires - changes are minor, yet impact is unaccountable - no standard for achieving satisfaction - rising from the depths of needs - voices that will take control - the dances of demons inside the brain - post-modern struggle within a self - when the basics are covered, alternatives taken - creatively made options, a new world chaos - many to choose from, but more yet to offer - the world is not enough as sky is our limit - derived from disturbances - arrival of morbid signals - when insanity approaches - the weak is the one who denies his weakness - no need to evaluate sin and its values - when it came to degenerate our existence - accepting the power to wash-over self - transformation is imminent - rising from the hollow core - someone who must take control - invite the flame to purge and burn - ruling the battle within a self
In Continuum 05:44
this is where they rose and fell - things will keep to follow the same patterns - once ill-defined, now much-accepted - no such real sense of anomaly - winds have blown away every inch-block of debris - from the rubbles of our tragic yesterdays - scenes will always in changing positions - But i doubt if they are progressing and transforming - the way we manage our lives on earth is - the way we destroy our desirable future - we have tried, at least we've tried - to heal ourselves and learn from the past - unexpected, the gazing x factors - start to crush from the inside - time has washed away all these traumatic moments the earth once had - but will our children be free from all the wars? - like thick black dots in continuum - we will never erase or take them off the line - so many nails have pierced down our wooden existence - leaving all these black holes until it comes to an end
we're in the beginning of the end of time - in the middle of the countdown - it's impossible to turn around - but who's aware of it? - lost in the fields of thick deceptions - up all nights and all days, creating more goals based on worldly views - here it is, anywhere we look around we'll see - proove of mankind's grand achievements - backed by technological sophistication - but should we proud of it? - lost in the fields of thick deceptions - up all nights and all days, creating more goals based on worldly views, in worldly ways - what's in our minds? - with all these philosophical kinds of-modern frames of thoughts - a new-found old insanity - as we lost in the fields of thick deceptions - up all nights and all days, creating more goals based on worldly views, in worldly ways
understanding the patterns of social life - to bring forth contradictory goals - there is no double-standard in any stance - to fight for something worth to fight for - a clash of interests - reconciliation is nonsense - when law has been paralized - regulations out of order - who wants to bring a fresh air to this sick violent world? - smell of death as we breathe - can we make a stand? - mass confusion in the wake of grand ignorance - political maneuvers, dancing on a vicious circle - "divide et impera", a plot of reducing power of pawns - we, people are just too uneducated to be aware - a clash of interests - victims of a new democratic atmosphere - the ones with necrophilic minds shall rise - and none can stop them as everyone's free - who dares to bring a fresh air to this sick violent world? - smell of death as we breathe - can we make a stand? - an opera of madness we found each day - waging destruction, fascination on deaths - with such weapons and C4's ready to kill - paranoid grandiosity or necrophilic fantasy? - time for confirmation - to speak louder than before - a life in a violent society - we shall stand...
Default 05:34
a vanity rises in the middle of our motion - with ever-changing colours of illusive existential components - unfictitious presence, scars and withdrawal, leaving us to wonder... - i want to see, but my eyes are blind - should i seek for a guidance of my life? - beyond a flock of confusion - i ask for a return to original form - without any agreement or concensus - determination has already been chosen - free us from a process of decadence - free us from a procession to our graves - back to the state where things just started - back to the place where i belong - i want to see, but my eyes are blind - should i seek for a guidance of my life?
[I. 404 - The Broken] 404 - file not found - 404 - broken Link - 404 - virtual void - 404 - and so it stands - a universal code - of all unfound files - deep within the world - of hypertexts - a message presents in the absence of URL - unable to access and to download - the web as a holistic approach - for us to collect all information - a dream of more accessible world - in this cybernetic ivory tower - powerless, as it appears at our monitors - the world of imperfectness, the world of ours [II. 911 - The Black] 3 digits on a dialing code - to access departments of rescue - numbers known for help-assistance - related with a social security - lines of governmental services - working in a complete duty - units seemed to be flawless - with funds that appropriately flow - still, the world who never sleeps - it will never give up its darkside - even the rescue code can be taken - as a symbol to create one big tragedy - when the very eyes of the world - moved by a singular defining moment - those numbers became a point for another meaning - at time when people both cry, or rejoice, in the awakening of war! [III. 70x7 - To Forgive is To Suffer] how often shall we forgive - up to 3 times? up to 7 times? - no, it is up to 70x7 - we hear a sound of weakness in our minds - the rhythm of the twilight, and rhythm of the night - to give the guilty ones their second lives - and death was only price, a suffering and pain - for us, the unforgiven who get redeemed for free - so can't we give our "enemies" the unconditional state of forgiveness? - to forgive is to be hurt - to forgive is to suffer


4th full-length studio album from KEKAL. Released in 2003.

Album information: kekal.org/album-1000thoughts.php

"1000 Thoughts of Violence" was released in 2003 by Fear Dark (The Netherlands), Undying Music (Indonesia), and Rock Express Records (Serbia). In Indonesia, the album was distributed by Alfa Records from 2003 - 2004 that saw the band got a mainstream Indonesian record-stores distribution.

"1000 Thoughts of Violence" is by far the most violent, and one of the most technically progressive albums from Kekal so far. This album has got numerous praises and great reviews from metal media all around the world. Many of them gave almost maximum points.

"1000 Thoughts of Violence" is also Kekal's most selling album with close to 10,000 physical units combined (not including digital downloads), and the band toured Europe following its successful release and reception of the album.

Release Dates

February 2003 (Undying Music/Alfa Records, Cassette)
June 2003 (Fear Dark, CD)
August 2003 (Rock Express Records, Cassette)

Re-mastered re-issued:
October 2017 (Hitam Kelam Records, CD)
October 2017 (Kekal, Digital)


released February 1, 2003

Band Line-Up:
Jeff : guitars / vocals
Azhar : bass / vocals

Produced by Jeff & KEKAL
Recorded & mixed at Vision Studio, during September and December 2002
Engineered & mixed by Jeff
Digital & analog synth orchestrations: Jeff
Sampling, noises, loops, fx, & programming: Doctor D & Jeff
Additional guitar: Azhar
Additional bass: Jeff
Additional vocals: Safrina
Drums: Sang Hitam
Cover artwork & layout by Soundmind Graphics




Kekal Jakarta, Indonesia

Avant-garde and alternative approach to various expressions of rock, metal and electronic music.

For more info about Kekal, please visit Kekal official website, link below.

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